Inland Wetlands & Watercourses Agency


  • 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month (Except January - only the 3rd Tuesday)


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Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Regulations

Wetlands Regulations Adopted April 21, 2020

How to Join the IW Meeting - Next Meeting is September 1, 2020

Guidance on how to join the next Regular Meeting on 09/01/2020 will be provided closer to the meeting date.

Instructions Land Use Meetings

Public Instructions for Landuse Meetings

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are prepared prior to each meeting, minutes are available following approval.

Most Recent Agenda (PDF) | All Agendas | 07/21/2020 Draft Minutes | 08/05/2020 Draft Minutes

Legal Ads

Legal Action Ad for 08/05/2020 Special Meeting

Master Packets 

Special Meeting Master Packet 08/05/2020

Regular Meeting Master Packet 07/21/2020

Regular Meeting Master Packet 07/07/2020

Regular Meeting Master Packet 06/16/2020

Notice of Actions

Notice of Action for the 08/05/2020 Special Meeting

Notice of Action for the 07/21/2020 Regular Meeting

Notice of Action for the 07/07/2020 Regular Meeting

Notice of Action for the 06/16/2020 Regular Meeting



Bylaws for Wetlands Proposed Update March 2020                         

IWWA Bylaws Updates - Town Attorney Review Memo

Bylaw Update Staff Memo


New Applications - To be voted on at the 08/05/2020 Special Meeting 

IW# 611 - 67 Middle Road - Application for IWWA permit for a proposed single family residence. Raffia Farms, Inc Owner; Andrew Urbanowicz, Applicant Representative; Map 65/Lot 62; BP and R-44 Zone.

IW# 611 - Staff Report and Draft Resolution 

IW# 611 - Application

IW# 611 - Letter of Transmittal

IW# 611 - Narrative

IW# 611 - Deed

IW# 611 - Site Plan

IW# 611 - Activity Reporting Form

IW# 611 - Soil Survey

IW# 611 - GIS of Former Structures

IW# 611 - GIS of Soils

IW# 611 - Old Assessors Cards

IW# 611 - CT Farmland Trust

IW# 612 - 19 Carmela Terrance - Application for IWWA permit for a proposed 14’ x 24’ shed. Joidy Foisy, Owner; Map 063 / Lot 0176; R-33 Zone. 

IW# 612 - Staff Report and Draft Resolution 

IW# 612 - Application

IW# 612 - Narrative

IW# 612 - Wetlands GIS

IW# 612 - Deed

IW# 612 - Site Plan

IW# 612 - Activity Reporting Form

IW# 612 - Shed Specifications

IW# 612 - Assessors Card

IW# 612 - Soil Survey

IW# 612 - Soil Survey Measurements

IW# 612 - Topography of Proposed Shed Area

IW# 612 -  Image 1

IW# 612 -  Image 2

Agent Approvals 

IW# 614 – 228-230 N. Maple Street – Application for a permit to repair an agricultural road by cutting in wetland areas and restoration of the pond located on 228-230 N. Maple Street; Maplewood Associates Partners, LLC, Owner; James Stanton, Applicant; Map 081/Lot 0121, Account #001400020297; Zone R-44. (DoR 08/05/2020). - Agent Approved on 08/06/2020. 

IW# 614 - Staff Report and Draft Resolution

IW# 614 - Application

IW# 614 - Proposed Site Plan 

IW# 614 - Site Plan

IW# 614 - Area to be Disturbed

IW# 614 - Letter from Soil Scientist

IW # 613 – 50 Hazard Avenue (AKA 10 Hazard Avenue) – Application for Agent Approval for a permit to construct a +/- 6,300 square foot renovation and expansion with associated improvements on the property known as 50 Hazard Avenue; Map 056/Lot 0022; BR Zone; Regency Centers c/o Michael Lai, Owner; Nate Krishner (Lagan), Applicant Representative. (DoR 07/21/2020). - Agent Approved on 07/22/2020. 

IW# 613 - Application

IW# 613 - State Activity Reporting Form

IW# 613 - Memo from Lagan

IW# 613 - Narrative

IW# 613 - Site Plans

IW# 613 - Stormwater Management Memo

IW# 613  - Deed

IW# 613 - Letter of Transmittal 



The agency is comprised of 7 members and 3 alternate members.


Recognizing the importance of inland wetlands and watercourses to the health of the environment and quality of life in Enfield, the Town Council established, by ordinance, the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency. The authority for creating this local regulatory agency comes from CT General Statutes, Sections 22a-36 to 22a-45 inclusive.

The duties of this agency involve carrying out and effectuating the purpose and policies of "The Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Act" of the state, which also recognizes the importance of protecting and preserving these features in the public interest, for the health, welfare, and safety of the citizens of the state.

The agency is responsible for regulating and permitting any proposed clearing, filling, excavation, paving, grading and discharge of storm water in and within 100 feet of any wetlands and/or watercourses. This 100 foot "regulated upland review area" extends to 200’ for proposed activities along the Connecticut and Scantic Rivers, Beamans Brook and Freshwater Brook, upstream of Elm Street crossing (excluding tributaries). Activities occurring outside of these upland review areas that still have potential to negatively impact wetlands and/or watercourses may also be regulated by this agency.

Agency Powers

The agency enforces all provisions of the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Act and shall issue, with or without modifications, or deny permits for all regulated activities involving inland wetlands, watercourses and upland review areas in the Town of Enfield. The agency also provides, through regulation, the manner in which the boundaries of inland wetland and watercourse areas in the town shall be established, amended or changed.

Additional Information

Vernal Pool presentation sponsored by the Conservation Commission: YouTube Link  and PowerPoint Presentation.